All of our cats deserve loving homes


We have all ages, colours and sizes of cats in our Tŷ-Nant sanctuary, and all of them deserve to have a safe, loving, forever home.

We have many beautiful and affectionate older cats, which are often overlooked in favour of kittens, but who are already toilet trained, calm and ready to be loving, and loved.

We also have our fair share of the difficult cats, who have been mistreated and are less trusting, but with time and patience, they will reward you with their love and affection.

Every cat up for adoption is health checked, and spayed / neutered (or this will be arranged as part of the adoption).

We want to be sure that our cats are going to loving, safe, homes, so we ask some questions about you and the environment you are offering our cats.


Our adoption fee of £45, covers vet health check, microchip, flea and worm treatment and where required neuter and spay prior to leaving.  Our cats/kittens can only be reserved in person and on full payment.  Any deposits made on a kitten/cat and NON REFUNDABLE.

In 2018 we were able to help over 200 cats and kittens find their forever home. We regularly receive heartwarming updates from our lovely cats, and their new families.


We never put our cats to sleep unless they are in pain and cannot be treated. We have some cats that have been living in Tŷ-Nant for over ten years, and we are still hopeful of a forever home for them.


We love our FIV cats. Many other places will have an FIV cat put to sleep, as they can't live outdoors due to their low immune system. However, we have had a very successful adoption rate including Big Joe who was our Tŷ-Nant FIV Ambassador, who has now found his forever family.

Why not contact us to ask about adopting our lovely cats, or to ask about what it involves.


If you are unable to rehome a cat, but would still like to have a cat of your own, why not sponsor one of our Tŷ-Nant cats?

Or if you'd like to be more hands on, why not volunteer to help us with our cats?



these 2 friendly boys are aged between 2 and 4 years old, they came into ty nant together and would need to rehomed as a pair. they both have had recent surgery to fix a problem both had with ingrowing eyelashes. they both love to play and like a fuss once they get to know you. if youd like to meet these lovely boys please message us to arrange a viewing.



This younger boy came in with Sweetie, Dolly and Noodle as well as 2 others from a group of 6 all from the same owner who had sadly passed away. Like them he is still nervous of his new surroundings and needs a quiet home to continue to regain his confidence. Please message us if interested in Adam for more information.



This 3-4 year old lady is usually tucked up in the same cat bed as her friend dolly. Still shy but will let you stroke her. A quieter home needed to allow her to relax and become a much loved member of the family. please contact us for more information.



This older tabby boy is around 10 years of age maybe more and was handed into a vets as a stray, he is a quiet cat and would like to live in a single cat household. he has a heart murmer but no treatment is needed for this, he has recently had a dental and had all of his teeth out and he has recovered nicely.  Please message us if you could offer this lovely boy a home for his remaining time.


This little lady is Leo, 
She is 8 years old and looking for a home with no young children. 
She likes a fuss but on her terms and isn’t too fond of men. 
She is a cute little lady who came to us as her owner wasn’t well. 
If you would like to meet her, please get in touch or we are open Sundays between 12 and 2:30. 

Megan and Jake

Megan is a beautiful 3 yr old female calico cat and Jake is a lovely white/black 3 yr old female cat, despite her name! They came to Ty Nant separately as strays and have been waiting a very long time for a home ever since. Megan and Jake have formed a very strong bond with each other and each of them is a little more confident when the other is around; for this reason they must be homed together. 
Megan and Jake are both very nervous cats but can be tempted out of their hiding places for a little piece of chicken or ham 😊. Given the chance, they have the potential to be socialised into loving and affectionate cats. They need an owner who is prepared to invest the time and patience needed to coax them out of hiding away and to get used to people. This very special person will be well rewarded with two beautiful, loving cats.



This little lady is Jinx. She has been with us a while and is a little scared to start with but likes a stroke and once she learns that you’re friendly she will let you stroke her. She loves treats and chicken 😺She would need a quiet home with a patient loving owner who could teach her to be herself again.

If you would like to meet her please come along on a Sunday between 12 and 2 or get in touch.



Gizmo is a young cat with boundless energy, he can get quite excitable and can be tempramental.he is best suited to a single pet home and not with young children. Please message us if gizmo may interest you for more information.


This handsome little man is Joey! He’s absolutely adorable. 
He is currently in foster in Pontypridd but is chasing the other cats away. He needs to be an only cat in a home with no children or older children. Away from busy roads as he has an old injury that doesn’t stop him climbing cat trees and fences but safer if he had s nice enclosed garden to explore. He does have a heart murmur so needs a peaceful life really, no late night parties or overdoing it. 
If you would like to arrange to meet him, get in touch and we will put you in touch with his foster mama. 



Looking for a very special forever home for our Merlin


Merlin has had long term issues with his stomach which has only been cured through feeding him a raw diet and holistic supplements. We tried a lot of other medication that didn’t have the effect that the raw diet did. Once a cat is on a raw diet they have to stick to raw only so having him at the sanctuary would be difficult as we couldn’t guarantee he didn’t eat other cats biscuits or food. He is currently in a foster home, he keeps himself to himself and is very submissive to other cats. 

He is absolutely lovely but needs a bit of love and attention to bring him out of his shell. 

If you are able to offer Merlin a raw fed home please get in touch.

Introducing our gorgeous Rosie.
A rose by any other name would smell as sweet ❤ Our Rosie is an absolute sweetheart. She came to Ty Nant as a stray a few months ago looking bedraggled and careworn. She has since had some dental treatment and made a good recovery; just takes some Metacam when necessary. Rosie is an elderly lady with an adorable nature and the loudest purr ever 😊
She loves fuss and attention and everyone who meets Rosie loves her. Sadly, she is still waiting for a special home in which to spend the rest of her life surrounded by the love and care she needs. Rosie must be an indoor only cat and her safety and wellbeing is of the utmost importance given her advanced years. It is essential that doors and windows are not left open. We are looking for a quiet, adult only home for Rosie. Whoever adopts Rosie will be rewarded tenfold with her sweet and loving temperament. 
If you can offer our beautiful, affectionate, very special girl the home she needs please message us.


This handsome chap is Yogi. 
He has been with us a while now. He is being treated for IBD so has to have a steroid every day. We would cover this cost. 
He gets on ok with the other cats in his room but is definitely the boss man. 
If you would like to meet him with a view to offering him a stress free home please get in touch.

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