Happy Endings


This tabby lady spent almost 2 years at ty-nant after coming in with 2 of her sisters. scared and sometimes very agressive with people and other cats at the sanctuary, and yet transformed once adopted by her lovely new family. A character cat, beautiful and unique.



Lovely young calico lady came from a Romanian rescue, the loss of her front leg never slowed her down. She was adopted very soon after her arrival at Ty-Nant, she is very loved in her new home and has settled beautifully.


One of our semi feral cats this young tabby girl had been with us for almost 3 years. Wary of people but her love of chicken or a treat would get her close to you. Adopted by a young lady who saw the potential in this cat as a loved family member.


This young man was one of a group of our loved fiv boys who left this year. He had been with us quite a few months despite numerous postings. Mischevious, playful, naughty Denzil, a huge character. Finally adopted with his room mate Dexter by a lovely family who saw the cats beyond their fiv.