Why do we need Foster Carers?

We have lots of cats that come to us who are scared and timid, elderly or disabled.

Cats like Kat, she has been living on the street for a long time.  We dont know exactly how old she is but we think she is around 18.  She is loving and gentle and wants nothing more than a lap to lay on with an accompanying neck scratch.  Cats like Kat arent chosen for adoption as people want young, fit cats.  So a foster home would be ideal, if you dont have the ability to commit long term or are worried about vet costs then we would cover those.  All we ask is that you show her love in her golden years. 

We also have lots of scared cats who need to learn to trust humans again.

In cases like these, we try to find foster carers who have the time to spend one to one with them, to bring out their personalities, and allow them time to learn to trust humans.

Our foster carers are worth their weight in gold to Tŷ-Nant, as our volunteers don't always have the time to dedicate to socialising cats. Socialising is hard work, but incredibly rewarding.

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer for our timid, shy and less confident Tŷ-Nant residents, or would just like more information on fostering, please use the foster application button below to apply. Our cats will love you for it.


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