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We can't stress enough how important it is to microchip your pets.

"Sadie" was straying in Caerau, and had been for some time when she was brought to us, here at Tŷ-Nant. We scanned her and discovered that she was registered to Hungary. Our volunteers didn't stop there, and managed to track down an email address for the vet she was registered to. After getting Sadie's owners email address, we were able to contact her owners. It turned out Sadie had moved to Wales with her family, and had been missing for months. Her real name is Dumdums, and her owners were in tears when they came to pick her up.

Sadie, aka Dumdums, may never have been reunited with her owners and family if she hadn't been chipped.

It also shows the importance of keeping chip contact details up to date if you move home or change phone number.

FIV - Feline Immunodeficiency Disease

Our FIV Ambassador, Big Joe, has found himself a forever home. We are all very happy for him, and will miss him.

We still have our lovely FIV Boys, so have a look at our Facebook page

Watch this space for news about our cats, and their stories, and other useful information.

This is Biscuit, he is FIV positive.

Biscuit will have contracted FIV becuase he wasnt neutered as a young cat and probably went off in search of a female in heat and encountered another un neutered male with FIV and fought.  It can only be passed through a very deep bite.  It is completely preventable if only he had been neutered.  FIV+ cats can live long happy lives, they just need to be indoors as their immune system isnt as strong as that of a negative cat, so to prevent them picking up any germs. .


Most people don't realise that most cats with FIV have a strong immune system.

Most FIV cats are perfectly healthy for most of their lives. Even for those who start to show effects, most infections can be handled by appropriate medications.

FIV positive cats can have, and deserve to have, a long and healthy life. Like all cats, they need careful attention to their general health and diet, but this is no more than any cat should receive.

A properly cared for FIV cat need not have a shortened life expectancy.


So it looks like this is going to be Neath's biggest Christmas craft Fayre, we have 70+ craft stalls, raffles, Santa's grotto, hot dogs, cakes, refreshments, games, bric a brac and lots more. All we need now if for everyone to share our event post and come along and get your shopping vibes on.
Every penny made will help us, help more cats.
Look forward to seeing lots of happy shoppes Sunday 5th December at Cwrt Herbert Sports Hall between 12 and 4pm. 

Pets at Home Port Talbot and the Pets at Home Foundation

This year 2022 we have been very lucky to have been chosen as Pets at Home Port Talbots Community partner of the year. 

Every year they support a local charity through fundraising, providing pallets of food, promoting our charity and helping us in any way they can.  We were awarded a grant of £1500 through their Support Adoption for Pets, to help us during the Covid outbreak and it really helped towards our vet bills. 

They are currently raising money in store for the #santapaws campaign. Please consider donating in store to this great cause.  It is helping rescue centres all over the UK. 

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