Ty-Nant Twinkles

Our Tŷ-Nant Twinkles

Our lovely long term Tŷ-Nant residents need additional care and support due to their temperament, age, and environment. We love them and care for them, but there is no substitute for a loving forever home, so our elderly, grumpy and scared cats need extra support.

We are crowdfunding using Just Giving to try and get them the additional care they need, and they will be very grateful for any donation you can make.

Could you give one of our Twinkles a home?

Why donate to our Twinkles?

We have had a bumper couple of months with cats coming to us in need of emergency veterinary care.

With vets bills of over £2000 a month we need support more than ever. Our aim is always to help cats back to full health and rehome but the reality of our sanctuary is that only approximately 30% of cats that come into us are rehomeable.

Tŷ-Nant offers the old cats, ferals and scared cats a safe haven. We give them love and the long-term residents are like our own cats. We love them dearly. People are unaware that we actually have cats with us that have been here over 10 years. We want to pamper our Twinkles. With dental care needed as they age we struggle to cover the ever growing vets fees. Your help to help our elderly is greatly appreciated


 Kat & Percy


Kat and Percy, these 2 cats represent difficult rehomes for differing reasons. Kat becuase of her age, she is 18 and isnt the confident cat that puts herself forward for adoption, even though she is loving and friendly and Percy (female) because she is a complete Diva and can be very tempramental. These are some of the hardest cats to rehome and may spend some time at Ty-Nant.  Your donations go towards their ongoing care and veterinary needs.


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