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Our Tŷ-Nant Twinkles

Our lovely oldies at Tŷ-Nant need additional care and support due to their age.  Lots of the elderly cats we have, need extensive dental work to make them comfortable.  They may have never seen a vet or had a tooth removed so come in, in a great deal of pain.  Often having full dental removals. 


Dentures Donation Fund


Recently we have taken a lot of cats in from elderly owners who have sadly passed or gone in to long term care. These cats upon examination have all needed extensive dental work ranging between £500 and £700 as well as other things like ulcerated eyes, skin conditions etc that need cream, antibiotics and steroids.
As you know we will do all we can to help these cats be comfortable and pain free.

We completely understand that times are hard for everyone at the moment and don’t like asking for money, but we would really appreciate it if you could spare a couple of pound to help us get them all their new smiles and glossy fur back, so that they can find a happy home again.
We have set up a paypal link on our website, if you can spare it please consider helping us to help these little oldies. We are calling it the Denture Donation Fund. Please could you put this as a reference on the link if you are able to donate so that we know how much you all raise. We are as ever, in awe of your support and love for our fury residents. xx 

Could you give one of our Twinkles a home?

Why donate to our Twinkles?

We have had a bumper couple of months with cats coming to us in need of emergency dental work.

With vets bills of over £2000 a month we need support more than ever. Our aim is always to help cats back to full health and rehome but the reality of our sanctuary is that only approximately 70% of cats that come into us are rehomeable.

Tŷ-Nant offers the old cats a safe haven.  We give them love and the long-term residents are like our own cats. We love them dearly.  Often these cats have never seen a vet so have mouths full of rotten teeth and are in a great deal of pain. With dental care needed as they age we struggle to cover the ever growing vets fees. Your help to help our elderly is greatly appreciated. 

Gypsy & Boo

 Gypsy and Boo & Percy


These 2 cats represent difficult rehomes for differing reasons. Gypsy & Boo came to us with eye infections, ulcerations and both needing full dental work, they need a lot of expensive veterinary treatment before they can find a new home and Percy (female) because she is a complete Diva and can be very tempramental. These are some of the hardest cats to rehome and may spend some time at Ty-Nant.  Your donations go towards their ongoing care and veterinary needs.


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