All of our cats deserve loving homes


We have all ages, colours and sizes of cats in our Tŷ-Nant sanctuary, and all of them deserve to have a safe, loving, forever home.

We have many beautiful and affectionate older cats, which are often overlooked in favour of kittens, but who are already toilet trained, calm and ready to be loving, and loved.

We also have our fair share of the difficult cats, who have been mistreated and are less trusting, but with time and patience, they will reward you with their love and affection.

Every adult cat up for adoption is health checked, and spayed / neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

If adopting a kitten you must sign an adoption contract to state that you will neuter at 4 months and provide proof. 

We want to be sure that our cats are going to loving, safe, homes, so we ask some questions about you and the environment you are offering our cats and ask for you to provide Home check videos.

Our new adoption process involves answering a number of questions and providing videos of your home, family, pets and roads around your home.  Message us for this process in detail -  or complete an application through this link. 

Our adoption fee is £60 for an adult cat that covers neuter, microchip, health check and vaccinations and all our kittens will be with us for 9 weeks going forward and will receive their health check, microchip and vaccination and will be £70. Our cats/kittens can only be reserved in person and on full payment.  Any deposits made on a kitten/cat are non refundable.

Kittens must be neutered at 4 months and proof provided as we are trying to reduce the number of unwanted cats in rescues.  Please note we only accept cash at the sanctuary, we do not have card facilities or accept cheques for adoptions

In 2018 and 2019 we were able to help almost 400 cats and kittens find their forever home. We regularly receive heartwarming updates from our lovely cats, and their new families.  So far in 2020 we have rehomed over 130 cats and kittens. 


We never put our cats to sleep unless they are in pain and cannot be treated. We have some cats that have been living in Tŷ-Nant for over ten years, and we are still hopeful of a forever home for them.


We love our FIV cats. Many other places will have an FIV cat put to sleep, as they can't live outdoors due to their low immune system. However, we have had a very successful adoption rate including Big Joe who was our Tŷ-Nant FIV Ambassador, who has now found his forever family.

Why not contact us to ask about adopting our lovely cats, or to ask about what it involves.


If you are unable to rehome a cat, but would still like to have a cat of your own, why not sponsor one of our Tŷ-Nant cats?

Or if you'd like to be more hands on, why not volunteer to help us with our cats?


Percy - Female

Percy came in to us when her owner passed away.  She is 15 and had only ever had one hooman, in a very quiet home, so doesnt much like new people.  She does have a few minions that she will allow to stroke her and will repay them with headbumps and purrs, but dont be fooled that you can turn her around.  She would need to choose you not the other way around.  If you would like to audition for her love then please get in touch and we will arrange an audience with our biggest diva in residence. 


Our gorgeous boy Ralphy is a little overwhelmed.  He doesnt like sanctuary life. He was a street cat with many feeders but no permanent home.  He came to us from PDSA after ebing treated for an injury. He had one or two people on the street that he would let pet him and give him cuddles but he hides away all the time and shows aggression here sometimes, as he feels threatened.  But once he gets to know you he is absolutely adorable.  He just needs someone to give him a chance to show you how lovely he can be. 


Lovely Lottie is 11 years old, she came to us as she was being attacked by other cats in her last home.  She is a friendly cat but can be nervous around other cats so would suit a quiet home with no children or other pets.  She would make a wonderful companion. 


Other cats looking for Homes

We post a lot of our cats on our facebook page and can be found on our photo albums under Available Cats Looking For Forever HomesLink Below. 

Sometimes cats come and go quickly and we dont get a chance to update our page.


Peggy is an older lady whos owner sadly passed away. she has only ever had one hooman in her life so doesnt like everyone sadly.  She allows you to stroke her for a bit but then will let you know when she has had enough.  She is the boss of her room and doesnt let any other cat mess with her.  She would need a home with no children as she can be a bit swipey. She has a sweet nature underneath though and would love a home to call her own for her retirement years. 



This sweet little guy is Vernon or Vernie as he prefers to be called.  He is approximately 10 years old.  He turned up in one of our volunteers gardens at the beginning of the year and attempts to find his owner has brought no results.  He has now been neutered, vaccinated, chipped and healthchecked.  He still lives in our volunteers garden as he loves it but is in at night with a heatpad and comfy bed.  A quiet home with a warm lap would be perfect for Vernie. 


Cadbury is an older cat who has been passed around to different homes, he found his way to us all matted and skinny but is now in safe hands.  He has put on some weight and is looking a lot better.  He is neutered and being chipped and vaccinated at the moment but will soon be looking for a forever home.  He isnt a young cat so a quiet home with a loving cwtch is what he craves. He is adorable.    




Looking for a very special forever home for our Merlin


Merlin has had long term issues with his stomach which has only been cured through feeding him a raw diet and holistic supplements. We tried a lot of other medication that didn’t have the effect that the raw diet did. Once a cat is on a raw diet they have to stick to raw only so having him at the sanctuary would be difficult as we couldn’t guarantee he didn’t eat other cats biscuits or food. He is currently in a foster home, he keeps himself to himself and is very submissive to other cats, Merlin wont be a cat that will adapt to his new home quickly.  He has trust issues and doesnt like being handled much. 

He is however absolutely lovely but needs a bit of love and attention to bring him out of his shell. 

If you are able to offer Merlin a raw fed home with lots of love and patience, please get in touch.


Molly is approx 9 years old, she came to us when her owner sadly passed away.  She is lovely and loves head scratches but can be a bit feisty on occasion, so would be best suited to a home with no young children or dogs. She tolerates other cats but doesnt particulalry like them.   She can be sweet and loving but has a quick swipe for when she has had enough attention.  She loves eating and sleeping, in that order.

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