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Caring for our cats whilst they are waiting to be rehomed is a full time job, and we rely not only on our lovely volunteers, but also on donations.

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You an set up a monthly donation for any amount from £3 throughPayPal using our email address tynantcatsanctuary@gmail.com

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Once you have done this we will start sending you a monthly newsletter from the cats at the sanctuary. 

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Jonah came to us at 5 weeks old, he had bent legs as the cartilage didn't seem to be attached to the bone. 

he had scans and test and it was discovered he had Hyperpasia.  Jonah is now a lot older, the vets said it was best to leave his legs alone as he was coping well .  We call him our little T-Rex cat.  Jonah is in long term foster, as he needs to be closely monitored for any sores or ailments that could occur.  He runs around like every other cat and doesnt let his disability stop him from climbing, jumping or chasing his feline family. 

What you get when you sponsor our cats.

We have recently changed our sponsor system.  Instead of receiving one update every month we now send a Sponsors newsletter to show our sponsors where their sponsor donation is spent.  As you can see from the images below, we like to give an update on the adoptions in Month, have a little update from Jonah and also an update on one of our previous feline residents. If you would like to sponsor our cats and receive a e-copy of the newsletter please message us.  Sponsorship donations is the only guaranteed income we can rely on every month.  If adoptions are low its the only money we have coming in to help our cats.  So we rely heavily on the generosity of our cats supporters to be able to keep helping them.  A lot of the cats we take in are elderly, disabled or FIV+.  These can sometimes prove hard to rehome as lots of people want kittens, so the only way we can keep helping them is with the support of their guardian angels out there. 

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