All of our cats deserve loving homes


We have all ages, colours and sizes of cats in our Tŷ-Nant sanctuary, and all of them deserve to have a safe, loving, forever home.

We have many beautiful and affectionate older cats, which are often overlooked in favour of kittens, but who are already toilet trained, calm and ready to be loving, and loved.

We also have our fair share of the difficult cats, who have been mistreated and are less trusting, but with time and patience, they will reward you with their love and affection.

Every adult cat up for adoption is health checked, and spayed / neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

If adopting a kitten you must sign an adoption contract to state that you will neuter at 4 months and provide proof. 

We want to be sure that our cats are going to loving, safe, homes, so we ask some questions about you and the environment you are offering our cats and ask for you to provide Home check videos.

Our new adoption process involves answering a number of questions and providing videos of your home, family, pets and roads around your home.  Message us for this process in detail -  or complete an application through this link. 

Our adoption fee is £60 for an adult cat that covers neuter, microchip, health check and vaccinations and all our kittens will be with us for at least 9 weeks going forward and will receive their health check, microchip and vaccination and will be £80. Our cats/kittens can only be reserved in person and on full payment.  Any deposits made on a kitten/cat are non refundable.

Kittens must be neutered at 4 months and proof provided as we are trying to reduce the number of unwanted cats in rescues.  Please note we only accept cash at the sanctuary, we do not have card facilities or accept cheques for adoptions.


When we have kittens at the sanctuary, they tend to go quickly.  If you would like to be added to our kitten waiting list please complete the application form and where it asks which cat you are interested in please state kitten waiting list and what your preference is.  We will then contact suitable applicants once we have kittens ready to leave us.  

If you are unable to rehome a cat, but would still like to have a cat of your own, why not sponsor one of our Tŷ-Nant cats?

Or if you'd like to be more hands on, why not volunteer to help us with our cats?



We are looking for a special home for this beautiful little lady.

Ally came in with her kittens last year. Her kittens were weaned and she was neutered and she became a little distant with everyone, so she went in to Foster for some one to one. She's a shy, little cat.

Her Foster mum sent us an update this morning. She told us that Ally loves to play and is really progressing with them to the point where she will go to them now without the bribary of food. . She doesnt want to sit on your lap or rub up against your legs yet, but that might come.

We feel she would benefit from an indoor large home, nowhere near any busy roads in case she was to get out.

Older children with patience to bring her out of her shell would be ok and other pets shouldn't be an issue as long as they are gentle with her.

Whoever decides to invite Ally in to their home will need to continue working with her to gain her trust. When you achieve that trust it is honestly the best feeling in the world.


Suzie is an elderly cat who came to us when her human went in to care, she came in with her companion Tammy.  As she is an elderly cat, we are looking for a long term foster home for her and Tammy togethher.  We would cover any ge related vet bills.  She and Tammy like to sleep a lot, so a quiet home would be best for them. 


Crystal was found dumped in a park close by, her brother Freddy made his way down to us himself and literally turned up on our doorstep.  Crystal however had to be caught, along with her sisters Cici and Celeste and her brother Clyde.  We advertised to find their owner, but nobody came forward.  We have since had them all neutered and CiCi and Celeste has been rehomed.  She is approx 10 months old and looking for her forever home where she will never be dumped again.   Her brother Clyde is always at her side but is a very shy boy.  If you have space for 2 cats we would love them to stay together. 


Meet Micho

When he first came in he was very anxious, but has been in Foster for quite a while now and is a completely different cat as a result. His fab fosterers have taught him that he can trust humans again.

He is now a sociable young man, he tolerates gentle dogs and other cats but prefers to be the centre of attention.

He is looking for a calm home with no young children to call his loving, forever home.

Other cats looking for Homes

We post a lot of our cats on our facebook page and can be found on our photo albums under Available Cats Looking For Forever HomesLink Below. 

Sometimes cats come and go quickly and we dont get a chance to update our page.


Tammy is an elderly cat who came to us when her human went in to care, she came in with her companion Suzie.  Tammy has an old eye injury, which sometimes flares up and needs drops. For this reason and as she is an elderly cat, we are looking for a long term foster home for her and Suzie together.  We would cover any eye related or age related vet bills.  She and Suzie like to sleep a lot, so a quiet home would be best for them.   



This chunky panther is one of our gorgeous FIV + boys.

He's approx 4 years old, sweet and curious.

He isn't quite used to living indoors yet so we are looking for a safe home, nowhere near busy roads in case he was to escape. It would need to be a large home so that he had plenty of room to run around and play safely indoors. If you have a catio/outdoor enclosure that would be great.

He has been chipped, neutered, healthchecked and had his first vaccination and is now looking for is very own hooman.


Ginge is a loving little guy, who is FIV+ and looking for his forever indoor home. He loves a fuss, and good neck scratch.

He is a middle aged cat, but is playful and friendly and will sit on your lap for treats.

He would need a large indoor home with room to exercise.




Sweet little Veronica, she came to us from an elderly lady who sadly wasn't able to care for her, she was heartbroken giving her up but knew she needed to.

Veronica is a quiet cat, who hides away from the limelight but once she has had some strokes, will come out wanting more. She's approx 6 years old, neutered, chipped and fully vaccinated.

Gets on OK with other cats, no idea about dogs. Would suit a quiet home and would make a wonderful, loving companion. She always gets overlooked bless her.


This young man found his way to us last year. He was a baby and scared. He's been in Foster for about a month now and is ready for his forever home.

This is what his fosterer says about him.

He loves belly rubs and is a real snuggler, he doesn't like to be picked up but he's a very playfully cat and his favorite toy is a foil ball he also likes stringy toys. Loves his igloo bed and only eats biscuits (tried on numerous occasions with meat he doesn't like it) so he drinks lots of water.

To adopt freddy you would need to have a calm home with no young children, older children should be OK. He has lived outdoors as a kitten and we have no idea what experience he had with dogs during this time.

Why not contact us to ask about adopting our lovely cats, or to ask about what it involves.


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