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All of our cats deserve loving homes


We have all ages, colours and sizes of cats in our Tŷ-Nant sanctuary, and all of them deserve to have a safe, loving, forever home. We have many beautiful and affectionate older cats, which are often overlooked in favour of kittens but who are already toilet trained, calm and ready to be loving and loved. We also have our fair share of the difficult cats, who have been mistreated and are less trusting, but with time and patience, they will reward you with their love and affection.

Every adult cat up for adoption is health checked, and spayed/neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. If adopting a kitten you must sign an adoption contract to state that you will neuter at 4 months and provide proof. We want to be sure that our cats are going to loving, safe, homes, so we ask some questions about you and the environment you are offering our cats and ask for you to provide home check videos.

Our adoption process is below, please read criteria then click on application from for questions. . 

Adoption Process


Thank you for choosing to adopt a rescue cat from Ty-Nant Cat Sanctuary.

Process –

Step 1 - Please answer the questions below fully, Yes and No answers don't always give us the information we need.

Step 2 - We also need a home check video with your application. See details below.

Step 3 – If we have a match, we will contact you by email to invite you in or sent an email to say if we don’t. PLEASE CHECK EMAIL INBOX.

Our criteria to adopt is below.

All our kittens are microchipped, Vaccinated, treated for flea and worms and health checked our adult cats the same but also neutered. If anything is found on a health check you will be made aware of this. 

CRITERIA - We do have some stipulations below, after all they are our most treasured furballs and we need to find the best home for each and every one of them.

1. Adopters must be over 21

2. Must not live on or very close a busy road or railway track. Having an outdoor cat enclosure would be the only way we would rehome to a home like this.

3. Our cats need safe outdoor access, unless posted as indoor only.

4. Young kittens won't be rehomed to homes with toddlers or young children, kittens have no control over their teeth or claws when they are kittens so it's a risk we won't take, we would try and match a suitable older kitten or adult cat here instead.

5. We do not rehome to small flats; cats need space to run around and exercise. Large flats may be looked at on a case-by-case basis, depending on the cat. 

6. Areas where there have been reported poisonings or cat cruelty, we will not rehome to these locations. 

7. Multicat households are a no sorry. i.e., 4 or more, adding cats to a home can be very stressful for resident cats and the cats joining the home. 

Please only apply if you are ready to take a cat or kitten home in the next few weeks. We only reserve in person and must be collected within a few days.

All adopters must sign a declaration that they are prepared to get the kitten neutered at 4 months, so that we are not contributing to the overpopulation of unwanted cats and kittens 

HOMECHECK - For the home check video we ask you to provide videos of your home. Please make sure your camera or phone is facing up and NOT down at the path in front of you. These videos do not need to be long; a brief look is all we need. It would need to show the roads to the front and if applicable the rear of your home. A quick run though of your downstairs and show any pets and also your garden. As though we were attending in person. These can be emailed to or sent via Facebook messenger, please ensure it is from the same name as the name on this form.  

If you would prefer to have a WhatsApp call this is possible but could possibly delay your application as we only have 2 people processing applications before and after work.

Once your video has been received and processed it will be deleted and is never shared outside of the platform in which it is sent. The application questionnaire will also be deleted off google forms.

The home checks are important as we have the welfare of our cats as our main priority.

Please be aware that there are only 2 of us processing the many applications we receive and we cannot always give specific feedback if you are unsuccessful. 

Thank you  

Adoption Fees

Our adoption fee is £80 for an adult cat that covers neuter, microchip, health check and vaccinations.

Our kittens will be with us for at least 9 weeks going forward and will receive their health check, microchip and vaccination and will be £95. If our kittens are also neutered our adoption fee will be £135.

Our cats/kittens can only be reserved in person and on full payment. Any deposits made on a cat/kittens are non refundable. If our kittens are not neutered when they leave us, then you must arrange this yourselves. Kittens must be neutered at 4 months and proof provided as we are trying to reduce the number of unwanted cats in rescues.

Please note we only accept cash or bank transfer at the sanctuary, we do not have card facilities or accept cheques for adoptions.


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Since being with us Sophie has gained more confidence than when she first came in. She is approximately 1 years old, She can still be shy around new people but soon warms up. We don't know much about her history or what she is like with cats and dogs.

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He is an absolute sweetheart and melts when you scratch his neck. Loves attention and wants to be the centre of it.

Will climb on your lap if you dare sit down in his presence. He came in with 2 other cats who are very timid but he accepts them and they are fine with him. So should be OK with other gentle cats. Would suit a home with someone who has lots of love to give.



Our gorgeous black girl Puma is 6 years old. Although she can be a bit nervous once she’s used to you she loves a cwtch. She can be very vocal and sassy when she wants to be. She doesn’t like other cats so would need to be the only pet. 



This handsome chatty boy is Jimmy. He loves to meow a lot at the volunteers for love and attention. He has a really sweet personality and always does the biggest purrs. He would love a home where he can watch the birds from the window and receive lots of pets. 



This handsome little fella is Morrie. He had been living garden to garden in Merthyr and sleeping in a store room before he made his way to us. He decided he didn't want that life anymore and is now looking for his forever home. He is neutered, vaccinated and chipped and ready for his companion. He doesn't like other cats so would be best as an only pet and we don't think he has had good experiences with dogs from his life jumping through gardens. He's approx 3 or 4 years old. And can be quite vocal if food is presented.


Edgar, Allen, Poe & Raven

These siblings were born at the sanctuary, their mam Denise has done a fantastic job and now she’s earned some peace and quiet. 3 males and 1 female, they are around 3 months old. They have been health checked, had their first vaccination and microchipped. These kittens can be a little shy so would suit a home with older children.



How pretty is this girl? Donna was brought into us after she was found living in a chicken coup behind a restaurant.
She’s around 5 months old, fully vaccinated and microchipped.
She’s very friendly and sociable and will always come up for strokes. Not much is known about her history so we don’t know what she would be like with other cats and dogs.


Marie & Gemima

Marie and her baby gemima have been with us a few months now. She’s a fantastic mum and they have a great bond so will need to be rehomed together. Marie is around a year old and gemima is coming up to 4 months old. Both are very loving, Marie especially. Great temperaments and love to play.
Both are fully vaccinated and have been microchipped. Marie has been neutered and has a grade 2 heart murmur



This girl is around 9 weeks old. She’s had her first vaccination, chip and health check. Sooty has a fantastic personality and loves a cwtch. She’s recently been in foster with one of our volunteers. Here’s what she said about sooty. Sooty is a sweetheart, she would always jump on me as soon as I went to see her and would cuddle up for strokes. She’s very energetic and very playful and would often be running around chasing the other kittens. She would make a fantastic addition to a home.


Hazel, Harley & Harry

How cute are these 3? They were brought in to us after being found in a shed. There was no sign of mam after a few hours so they came in to us. All three have issues with their back legs, initially we thought it was swimmers syndrome but after xrays, scans etc it's been determined they have tight tendons. They don’t let it stop them. They run around, climb and play like they have no issues. We agreed with the vet that we would let them grow and see how they get on, it could resolve itself. So we are now looking for a forever home or a foster home for all 3 where they can have the freedom to run around and play as much as they want. They are all sweet natured, loving and gentle and have lots of energy for playtime. They are indoor only and need lots of space to play.


Doughi & Conny

These two boys are so affectionate and always ready for cuddles. They have a lot of love to give and have such sweet personalities. If you have space in your home for two loving boys then they are the perfect pair for you. 



Handsome Hercule was brought into us as a stray, the vet checked him over and we found out his FIV positive.
He's a very happy boy who loves to have a chat and a fuss. Hercules is around 5/6 years old. He loves to headbutt the volunteers and loves to get all of your attention. He needs to be indoor only and an only cat. 



This young man recently came in to us. He's approx 12 to 18 months. He's a playful little fella who loves his food and a good head scratch. He would suit a home with older children and he hasn't been tried with other cats or dogs. He is going to be having his vaccine soon so will the be ready for integrating in to his forever home. He's chipped and neutered and a lovely little lad.


Tazmin & Coco

These siblings have been with us a few weeks now. Although still a little shy they are making great progress. Brother and sister have been health checked, microchipped and had their first vaccine. Coco has a grade 1 heart murmur. We ideally would love to rehome these 2 together and a home with older children would be great.


Joules, Babs & Laurie

These cuties are currently at the sanctuary causing chaos. They are just under 4 months old, had their first vaccinations and been microchipped. They all have lovely temperaments and are all very sociable, full of energy they love to run around and play.
Two of their siblings have already left for their furever homes.



This handsome chap is around 5 years old. He was brought in after living outside. He underwent some dental treatment and is now looking and feeling great. He’s settled into sanctuary life well but is looking for a new forever home. He’s very friendly and loves a good cwtch. Not much is known about his history so we aren’t sure what he’s like with other cats and dogs.



She was brought in from an overpopulated farm and has been thriving at the sanctuary. She’s around 9 weeks old and has had her first vaccination and health check. When checked by our vets they noticed her teeth haven’t come through, we’re not sure if they ever will but it does not affect her eating at all. She also has a grade 2 heart murmur. She has a great temperament and loves a fuss. She’s more relaxed than her brother and sister and loves nap time. She would make a great companion.


Prosecco, Mojito, Martini & Espresso

2 males and 2 females these siblings are looking for homes in pairs only as they are very bonded. They have been at the sanctuary a few weeks now and although a little shy once you give them a fuss they repay with lots of purs. They are around 4 months old. They would suit a home with older children.
They have been microchipped, health checked and had their first vaccine.

If you think you could give any of our adorable cats and kittens a home then please apply below


Why foster care is important

We have lots of cats that come to us who are scared and timid, elderly or disabled. The sanctuary environment is not always the best place for these cats. So a foster home would be ideal, if you dont have the ability to commit long term or are worried about vet costs then we would cover those. All we ask is that you show her love in her golden years. 

We also have lots of scared cats who need to learn to trust humans again. In cases like these, we try to find foster carers who have the time to spend one to one with them, to bring out their personalities, and allow them time to learn to trust humans.

Our foster carers are worth their weight in gold to Tŷ-Nant, as our volunteers don't always have the time to dedicate to socialising cats. Socialising is hard work, but incredibly rewarding.

If you are interested in becoming a foster carer for our timid, shy and less confident Tŷ-Nant residents, or would just like more information on fostering, please submit a foster application.

If you are still unsure about fostering, here are some words from some of our amazing fosterers


Brenda & Derek

My husband and I have demanding day jobs but we are both animal lovers and have a lot of love to give. We wanted to foster to give back to the animals who may need help the most, and also benefit from the fact that these can be shorter term depending on the cat(s) e.g., kitten foster.

Ty-Nant is such an amazing charity with exceptional people, but they need help, and they rely on everyday folks to make a little more room in their day to day lives that will potentially make a huge difference to cats and the organisation itself.

Fostering has given us so much. We have a house that is alive and warm and full of fun and love. We have taken so much satisfaction from it, and the support from Ty-Nant is incredible. They have made it so easy for us to help these little kitties, and we're so grateful that cats in this area have an organisation like Ty-Nant looking out for them.



I am a long-term fosterer of Honesty she came into my life last April and changed it for the better. I was lost due to my recent losses, she loves to see people and makes everyone feel welcome in the flat. I come home from work to long stories and plenty of kisses, and yes she is spoiled. She loves her heated blankets and the iPad on CBBES.

My main reason for fostering cats was to be able to give them safety and enjoyment in the last few years and a good reason to come home everyday with a smile on my heart and sometimes a tear in my eye.



When kittens are scared of everything and everyone, it's wonderful to witness them accept your love and care at home. Being a loving foster mam means working to gain their trust to build their confidence to play and interact so that they can grow into the happy and healthy cat they are meant to be.

All cats deserve to be loved and wanted so helping that to happen is a special experience.


Why are farm homes important?

Outdoor homes are important and needed for some of our residents who are not suited to the domesticated life. Smallholding, stables etc are wanted to love these cats from afar. They are all neutered, vaccinated and chipped and looking for a home away from people, unless they search you out. They may come around in an environment they are more used to, but don't like the sanctuary home they have. They would need a draught free place to sleep and food and water daily as well as medical treatment if required and regular worming. In return, even their presence alone will deter vermin, that's without their hunting skills.

We adore these cats but know they're not happy being confined and won't get chosen for adoption as they're not domesticated. If you know anyone with these types of homes please let them know to try and find these cats the best homes.

If you have these types of home or know anyone who does, or would just like more information on farm cats, please submit a farm cat application.

If you are unable to rehome a cat but would still like to have a cat of your own, why not sponsor one of our Tŷ-Nant cats?

Or if you'd like to be more hands on, why not volunteer to help us with our cats?

Other cats looking for Homes

We post a lot of our cats on our facebook page.

Sometimes cats come and go quickly and we dont get a chance to update our page.  

Why not contact us to ask about adopting or fostering our lovely cats, or to ask about what it involves.


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